"Things" made by 2 Space

2 Space is a project to think about all kinds of information that can be transmitted to humans through things. A place where 2 Space actually creates the "things" that "transmit from things to people." That is 2 Space Studio.

Have you received what you want to convey?

When you tell someone something, you do it in different ways. If the other person is there, you can tell it directly with oral and gestures, but if you want to tell it to an unspecified number of people who are not there, you will tell it through something instead of yourself. .. At that time, have you ever had an experience that wasn't communicated well to the other party?


To "things" that can convey what you want to convey

It's difficult to accurately convey your intentions to someone you can't see. 2 Space Studio hopes to help you in that area. At the time of consultation, instead of starting with "what you want to make", we will first ask you about the expression method "what you want to convey" and then make a proposal. By doing so, there may be a way to solve it more easily than the "things" that we originally thought of. From there to the actual production, 2 Space Studio will deliver what you want to convey on your behalf in a form that conveys what you want to convey.